Best Social Media Channels For Contractors


Social media is one of the most important forms of information that can be accessed online each day, therefore it is becoming important to just about every aspect of our lives. The advent on social media changed the way that we share information with the world around us. Staying in the know is now easier […]

Construction: The Difference Between Average and Great


Having a home built is for many the most considerable, most important investment most people will experience in their lifetime. A great amount of time and research must be invested in several different areas before construction begins. Once the process is underway, after all, it’s considerably difficult to “turn back”. Finding a great building contractor […]

Your Dishwasher: Cleaning and Maintenance


While most people do a good job in keeping their kitchens clean, seldom do they think about cleaning the cleaners, like the dishwasher. Cleaning a dishwasher might seem a bit counter intuitive since surely while it’s cleaning the dishes, it’s cleaning itself, right? Wrong. Dishwashers can become dirty with leftover food and grease while still […]

DIY Home Repair: Go YouTube!

DIY home repair

For those who enjoy repairing and maintaining their own home, YouTube has become the resource of choice. From repairing carpet cleaners to dryers, this channel has it all when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. Below we’ve listed some of the best DIY channels available today. Mr. Fix It – 39,548 Subscribers Topics: Home Improvement, DIY […]

DIY: Make Your Water Heater Last Longer

water heater

On average, the lifespan of a hot water heater is between eight – 15 years, with factors such as the brand and model affecting the duration of its lifetime. In addition, your care or lack thereof has an impact on the unit, its functioning, and its durability. As your hot water heater ages, oxidization occurs, […]

Selecting the Right Contractor For Your Job

Picking a contractor can be hard. Even the most mundane repairs can prove costly in both the short and long term if you pick a substandard contractor, and to the average homeowner it can be difficult to choose. That’s why it’s important to figure out what to look for in advance, so when your pipes […]

How To Install A Toilet

The Process of Installing/Replacing a Toilet Installing a toilet is not as big of a hassle as many may think. Before replacing or installing a toilet, it’s important to have all the supplies needed to ensure a safer and cleaner way of replacing it. The supplies needed include an adjustable wrench, heavy-duty rubber gloves, a […]

Green Home Improvements Pay You Back!!

If you needed a good excuse to go green when making some improvements to your home, look no further! The reasons to go green are green themselves– We’re talking about the dollars you can save annually with green home improvements. Besides the cost benefits, you get paid back psychologically, just knowing how positive an impact […]